A Bed Bug Or Something Else

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I Googled "bed bug specialists" in NYC and decided that before I did anything else I would want a bed bug sniffing dog to assess my situation and confirm I did, indeed, have bed bugs. I called many but it was Memorial Day and I only got answering machines.

Is It A Bedbug Or Something Else. Like & Save . If the bed bug is rounded, that means it just ate. Bed bugs shed their outer shell so keep an eye out for the shells laying around too. The shell will look like a bed bug, but there won't be anybody inside.

When it comes to bed bugs, knowing when you have an infestation can be tough. Especially because of the fact that bed bugs are nocturnal insects that usually only come out to feed once their host has gone to sleep.

Symptoms include redness, a feeling that something's in your eye, and sensitivity to light. If it isn't treated, you could lose your sight. These bugs, known as sand fleas or jiggers, dig

Bed bugs prefer humans, but dogs, cats and even rodents will suffice, if no humans are around. They are considered a public health pest, but unlike most other health pests, bed bugs don't transmit or spread any diseases. They come out from their hiding at night and are drawn to the warmth of the human body.

Bed bugs usually leave small clusters or rows of about three to five bites. The lines may be straight, or appear to follow a zig-zag line. Blister beetles cause painful blisters when they are crushed, which releases an irritating chemical called cantharidin. However, blister beetles do not bite or sting.

Bedbugs Bites: Discussion Pg 2
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