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GDPH Bed Bug Handbook 2012

Use Ortho® Home Defense® Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer for long lasting bed bug control. Available in two sizes, the convenient aerosol is fast acting and kills Resistant Bed Bugs and their eggs. In addition to Bed Bugs, use Ortho® Home Defense® Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer to kill fleas and brown dog ticks.

Action Pest Control, Inc. takes pride in customer satisfaction and on our ability to react. We are licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Yes, we service your area! Call us with a pest control issue and we will be there within 24 hours and in a lot of cases the same day. We offer services without making customers sign extended contracts and are very flexible in our hours of scheduling.

Bed Bug Control & Removal Service. Bed bugs are troublesome household pests. They're sneaky, hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your family. Armed with pest control capabilities backed by science, over 100 years of experience, and state-of-the-art tools and products

The amount of blood loss due to bed bug feeding typically does not adversely affect the host. Rows of three or so welts on exposed skin are characteristic signs of bed bugs. Welts do not have a red spot in the center such as is characteristic of flea bites. Some individuals respond to bed bug infestations with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Desiccants are a valuable tool in bed bug control. Because desiccants work through a physical mode of action, the bed bugs cannot become resistant to desiccants as they can to pesticides with other modes of action. In addition, they have a long-lasting effect and don't disturb normal bed bug activities. Examples of desiccants include:

Action Pest Control is a longstanding pest control business serving Medford, OR and surrounding areas. We offer residential as well as commercial pest control services, including termite protection, bed bug control, extermination, and rodent removal.

GDPH Bed Bug Handbook 2012
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