Anatomy Of Bed Bug

Bed Bug Anatomy

The insect world teems with exotic forms and inspired renowned devotion in illustrators of the late 19th century. In a volume as jewel-like as its subject, The Anatomy of Insects & Spiders presents page after page of select engravings, woodcuts, and drawings from the Victorian era, the golden age of insect illustration. Meticulously rendered

Caption: An 1860 engraving of parts of a bed bug. The image above is an interesting look into the anatomy and psychology of the mid 1800's and their preoccupation with bed bugs. A few additional specifics to help identify bed bugs versus other common household pests: A bed bug has 6 legs. Its antennae point forward and are about half as long as the bodyâ€"not longer.

The Anatomy of a Bed Bug War Currently, all NAACLS accredited pathologists' assistant programs are located on the east coast. Unfortunately, the east coast is also the home to a growing tide of crawling, blood-sucking, satan-spawn known as bed bugs ( Cimex lectularius ).

External Anatomy: Bed bugs have three body segments: Head, thorax, and abdomen. Two antennae. Two eyes. Six legs. Reddish brown in color. Bright red after being engorged from a blood meal.

The anatomy of a bed bug consists of an oval shaped body, a small broadly attached head, and compound eyes. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed (4-5 mm in length). They have segmented abdomens with tiny, colored hairs that give them a striped appearance. Their antennae are shorter than their legs and have four segments.

Ongoing Bed Bug Detection Service Bed bugs multiply quickly, and in just six months, a few can turn into a full-on infestation of 13,000 or more. Detection is critical to break the bed bug life cycle before they become a bigger problem.

Bed Bug Anatomy
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