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What are Bed Bugs? Local Pest Control

None of us want bed bugs, and we all want to do our best to avoid them. But what is the appropriate level of bed bug anxiety? Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at our life and assess whether we're living cautiously or driving ourselves insane. A good example of an […]

These bites tend to look like bites from other insects, so you will need to know for yourself if you have bed bugs. This includes checking your mattress and sheets for the presence of the pests. If possible, try to capture one of them so that you can show without a doubt that bed bugs are to blame.

Bed Bugs May Increase Feelings of Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia - ABC News Bedbugs may cause more than just an itchy bite. Researchers found that people who had had an infestation were more likely to experience anxiety,depression and paranoia.

People are understandably on edge about bed bug bites. The population of bed bugs has soared in the past decade, and anywhere you do, you're likely to pick up the blood-sucking pests and transport them back to your home. But this anxiety often causes people to conclude they have bed bug bites, when the problem is actually some other pest.

A diagnosis of bedbugs is made by the appearance of the bites and finding bedbugs in your home environment. The bites are often not distinguishable from other insect bites. A doctor will consider conditions including scabies, allergic rashes, staph infection, eczema, antibiotic reactions, and chickenpox.

However, bed bug bites should be treated as fast as possible is to reduce the itching and irritation that they cause. Excessive scratching can lead to scarring which may cause scars and the bed bug bite scars will last for a long time. Recovering quickly from bed bug bites is important to reduce the irresistible urge to scratch the bite marks.

What are Bed Bugs? Local Pest Control
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What are Bed Bugs? Local Pest Control
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