Are There Any Plants That Repel Bed Bugs

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There are no plants or other aromatics that are known to deter bed bugs. If you read household management manuals from the 17th to 20th centuries, you will find many suggestions of anti-BB aromatics. Sadly - as we can infer from the continued prevalence of BBs throughout that time - none of those theories worked out well.

Known as nature's bug repellent, chrysanthemums contain a special chemical called pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is used in many insecticides. Chrysanthemums repel spider mites, ticks, silverfish, bed bugs, Japanese beetles, roaches and spider mites. They're also beautiful flowers! That's why it's our number one plant that repels bugs!

Obtained from the leaves and stems of lemongrass, citronella has been registered as a plant-based insect repellent in the U.S. since 1948. Whereas most essential oils repel insects with their scent, citronella works by masking other scents that are attractive to bugs, making it difficult to locate their targets.

This is the first smell that bedbugs hate. You can use any products that contain lavender to remove these bugs from your house. There are many lavender sprays that are available on the market. You can choose the best one based on your needs. You can spray your bed with lavender sprays to remove any bugs hidden in your bed.

Yes, take it from my first-hand experience, lavender repels bed bugs! But here's the catch, using lavender oil alone, without doing any else to remove the bothersome bugs, will probably not do much.

Bed bugs are an increasingly common pest that necessitates extensive decontamination of homes. Researchers in Sweden have now discovered that young bed bugs produce a smell that repels other bed bugs.

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