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Heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs, but garments must be laundered at temperatures of 49 degrees Celcius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) in order for the heat treatment to be effective. Avoid taking your garments to a dry-cleaner.

Can Hot Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs? While they grow and reproduce best at temperatures around 80°F, bed bugs can thrive across a range of climates for relatively long lifespans compared to other similar bugs. Once temperatures begin to climb above 100°F, bed bugs start to lose their ability to function.

In order to destroy the bugs, the actual surface you are treating needs to get to more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit, at a minimum. 180 degrees is a safer bet and more likely to destroy the eggs, too. The surface does not need to remain at that temperature for a long period of time, which is a benefit of treating for bed bugs with a steamer.

Ideally, to kill bed bugs in all stages, the temperature must be 115 degrees F or 46 degrees C. Cold Treatment - as you could easily guess, this method freezes bed bugs to kill them. And just like the heat treatment, this could also get rid even the eggs and the nymphs of the pests.

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs? How hot does hot have to be to kill bed bugs? Research and experiments have shown that temperatures of at least 50 degrees C or 122 degrees F are fatal to bed bugs. That temperature must be maintained for a minimum of 30 minutes.

After about one minute at temperatures above 120F, bed bugs die! We put together this experiment to show you how effective heat can be in your fight to get rid of bed bugs. We used a water bath to

Bed Bug Heaters and Bed Bug Solutions PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor
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