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Typically, a pest management professional will examine the main bed bug site (such as your mattress and bedding), as well as other common bed bug hiding places, such as drawers, closets, and shelves. A professional will also attempt to determine where the bed bugs came from, and learn whether and how the problem has spread.

bed bug inspection program suspended * Represent a small fraction of overall bed bug infestations in area. Verified to be bed bugs. 1 2 Data courtesy of Greg Kesterman. 3Data courtesy of Camille Jones. SW Ohio Bed Bug Complaints* Bed Bugs Make Their Way to Ohio 2003 & 2004

Bed Bugs and Schools and Daycares. Bed bugs prefer an environment where they can hide during the day and come out at night to feed. Most schools or daycare settings do not offer this type of environment; however, bed bugs can hide in clothing and personal belongings such as backpacks and lunch bags.

Pest Deterrent in Lucas End Our infestation removal company has experience and specialist knowledge inside the pest problem elimination industry. In some cases unwanted pests could get in households as well as other establishments - our company can eliminate these in a safe and effective way.

Bed bug support is widely available from a variety of sources. Many communities offer resources related to bed bugs. For example: Many counties, such as Contra Costa Exit, and local health departments, such as New York City's, provide online resources regarding bed bug issues both in general and specific to their regions.

Bed Bugs & Company - Aurelien Lucas interview - YouTube
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