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The good news is our bed bug products will work fine on bat bugs. But there are some differences when treating if you want to knock them out for good. Bed bugs are generally isolated to the living area of the home so you can attack them right where they're nesting. Bat bugs are different.

Since this is not a bed bug, but bat bug (doesn't look like typical bird bug), do you know if you have an issue with bats? Not that I know of but I'm going to look into it, now. We live in a ~15 year old townhouse I need to go outside and look for potential areas they could be roosting. Maybe go out at dusk and watch for them leaving.

Another key difference of bat bugs and bed bugs is their location. Most bed bugs can be found within a few feet of their feeding host, which includes mattresses, headboards, baseboards, and other furniture close by. Bat bugs may be seen in a few of these places as well, but are mainly found in areas that harbor bats, such as attics.

While working on new floors I found what looked like a bed bug and crushed it with a hammer. I realized I needed to confirm what I saw, so I set some dry ice traps. BBCTV #18 - Bed Bugs vs

Bed bugs are often mistaken for other bugs like the spider beetle, cockroach nymphs, booklice, carpet beetles and bat bugs. There are ways to diagnose if you have bed bug bites and if you are suffering from a full blown bed bug infestation, but looking at the bites alone is usually not the best and most accurate way to identify the problem.

Some bed bug infestations are misdiagnosed bat bug problems. Learn how to tell the difference between these two insects. Discover different strategies to control bat bugs.

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