Bed Bug Addendum Chicago

Bed Bug Notice Letter Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing

Section 5-12-070 of the CRLTO that requires landlords to maintain their rental units in compliance with the City of Chicago Building Code. Section 5-12-110 of the CRLTO specifies that a landlord's failure to exterminate insects, rodents, or other pests is considered material noncompliance with the building code.

Bedbug Addendum . This agreement is an addendum and part of the rental agreement dated _____ between bed bugs congregate, as well as walls and furniture surfaces. Be sure to leave easy access to closets. 4.

Bed bugs are small, flat, wingless insects. They feed on blood. What do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs are the size, shape, and color of an apple seed. They are 1/4 of an inch long and look reddish-brown. The eggs are tiny and white. Bed bugs are big enough to see. Where do bed bugs live? Bed bugs live where people sleep, sit, or lay down.

A bedbug lease addendum is a form that informs a tenant that there is not a bed bug infestation on the premises of a dwelling. Due to the difficulty in exterminating this type of bug, the states of Arizona, California, and Maine have made it a requirement that the landlord has to provide a history of any bed bug infestation.

Addendum Goals: Maintain highest quality living environment for residents. Maintain a clean unit to help reduce the risk of infestation from bed bugs. The landlord has inspected the unit prior to the new lease and has no knowledge of any infestation of bed bugs. The residents have an important part in preventing infestations.

this addendum, and you did not nd any evidence of bed bugs or bed-bug infestation. OR You will inspect the dwelling within 48 hours after moving in or signing this addendum and will notify us of any bed bugs or bed-bug infestation. 4. Infestations. We are not aware of any current evidence of bed bugs or bed-bug infestation in the dwelling.

Bed Bug Notice Letter Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing

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