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BB ALERT® PASSIVE. 2. The BB ALERT® PASSIVE monitor provides routine monitoring and early detection of Bed Bugs. It is designed to be both easy to use and quick to inspect, and exploits the

Passive Bed Bug Traps Passive traps are designed to take advantage of natural bed bug instincts. They are perfect for people hoping to catch bed bugs early and prevent a serious infestation, as well as for those who want an easy way to monitor their progress while treating an infestation .

Bed bug traps are broken down into two main categories, active monitors and passive monitors. How can you tell which one is right for you? How to use the BB Alert Active Bed Bug Monitor

Bird-X Bug Monitors feature semiochemicals that actively lure nearby bugs into the monitor, where they become stuck to the lure board's adhesive coating. Once captured, it is important to confirm and identify bed bugs so that you are able to quickly find the best solution before a more serious infestation occurs.

Bed Bugs Passive Monitors are simple to use detectors for bedbugs which enable you to easily identify the confirming signs of a bed bug infestation, namely: Live samples. Cast skins. Faecal traces. They provide the perfect harbourage site for bedbugs and then induce them to leave telltale signs to show you they are present.

In contrast, installation of a passive monitor warning system, before bed bugs enter the premises, is the most cost-effective method. The only passive monitor we recommend is the BB Alert Passive Monitor. It is easy to install, has no moving or replacement parts and is simple to use, all for 8¢ / day over one year of use.

Bed Bug Traps and Monitors at Bed Bug Supply
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