Bed Bug Attorney San Francisco

Bed Bug Attorney San Francisco Bed Bug Lawyer

Our bed bug lawyers have successfully settled and litigated bed bug lawsuits against both local and national hotels, motels, apartment complexes, vacation rentals, landlords, furniture stores and short term rental agencies, exterminators, and multiple other types of businesses.

Contact the bed bug attorneys at the Peck Law Group today to The Peck Law Group is a respected, award-winning, California law firm serving clients in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Riverside County, the Inland Empire, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco ordinance requires landlords to "make available" to tenants information on the "signs and symptoms" of bedbugs. Under the new state law, they will have to provide it.

Adapted from a 2012 PowerPoint presentation by Roxanne Romell, Attorney at Law To Deal with Bed Bugs, Everyone Must Cooperate landlord must openly discuss bed bugs with tenants to educate them about prevention and to encourage immediate notification of a problem. Bed bugs are much easier to manage in the early stages of an infestation.

Bed Bug Treatment Procedure specializes in thorough inspection of entire interior of home, apartment, office. All beds, furniture, base boards, electronic devices, wall plates, switch plates and all other areas where bed bugs can take up harborage. Treatment process-initial t Serving San Francisco, The Peninsula & The South Bay, Call us on 650-298-9019, 408-531-9575, 415-818-6301

Bed bug bites on humans have become a major problem in the both the United States and globally. As nationwide bed bug attorneys we have consulted thousands of bed bug victims throughout the USA about bed bug attacks that have resulted in physical injuries, psychological problems, lost wages, medical bills, damage to personal property, remediation expenses and extermination bills.

Bed Bug Attorney San Francisco Bed Bug Lawyer
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