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Myth Busting: DIY Bed Bug Treatment

Home remedies for bed bug bites. Before you commit to natural bed bug treatment, remember to practice good hygiene and caution, advises Larry Bishop, MD, a dermatologist with Health First Medical

Bed bug bites on humans can do great damage to the skin and healing takes time, so it's important that you begin bed bug bite treatment as soon as you discover and identify the bites. If you don't treat the bed bug bites, they will itch and you will naturally scratch.

Treating Bedbug Bites 1 Wash the bites with soap and water. Wash the area with mild soap and water; use a bar of soap and enough water to wet surface of your hands.

Bed bug bites usually aren't felt and don't hurt while they're happening because the bugs can first inject a numbing agent into the skin that makes their fangs essentially undetectable. Although most bites cause minor reactions, including small, red bumps, some people develop more intense hive-like rashes, swelling and painful skin lesions.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment In the event that bedbugs have infected you, you should never worry. Even though bed bugs feed on your blood they have not been found to be responsible for the transmission of blood borne diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C etc.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment. For better knowledge of Bed bug bites treatment, you should read below these attentively. This guide can help you out with total bed bug problems. What To Do For Bed Bug Bites. You may possibly find cast-off skins, live bugs, fecal stains (slight dark black or brown marks) or bed bug eggs.

Myth Busting: DIY Bed Bug Treatment
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