Bed Bug Bites Visual Inspection

Can Bed Bug Bites Cause Sickness? The Bed Bug Inspectors

It's sometimes difficult to know you're being bitten; bed bugs inject you with a form of anesthetic when biting you. With all that said, sensations may also take longer than visual detection to notice. Therefore, it's important to know the proper signs of bed bug bites. Visual Bite Marks. The bite usually appears as a raised red bump.

Because bed bugs are so tiny and often transparent until their adulthood, visual inspections are clearly not the most effective way to detect bed bugs. In fact, most bed bug infestations can go undiagnosed even if someone has performed a visual inspection. Currently, the most effective form of bed bug inspection is through the use of an

Residential or Commercial Bed Bug Inspection. Bedbugs need to be trapped at the earlier stage or else it could results in severe infestation making the situation worse. Visual inspections, K9/dog inspections and Trap inspections are the basic types of bed bug inspection techniques.

Bed Bug Inspection Group (BBIG) an independent bed bug inspection company dedicated to providing thorough and accurate inspections to commercial and residential property owners. In addition, our dogs are trained by the world's leader in canine bed bug scent detection, J& K Academy.

Visual Inspections Visual inspections are an effective method to detect bed bugs, however in very low-level infestations it can be tedious and time consuming. Multiple inspections may be necessary to ultimately discover live bed bugs, eggs, feces, or exoskeletons. Anxious people may be impatient for answers.

Visual Inspection The most common form of bed bug detection is visual inspection, however without the trained knowledge to identify the telltale signs of an infestation, it can also be the least effective.

Can Bed Bug Bites Cause Sickness? The Bed Bug Inspectors
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