Bed Bug Bomb Safety

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Contrary to popular belief, more is not always better. Manufacturers test their bug bomb products to determine the safest and most effective number to use per square foot of living space. If you use more than the specified number of bug bombs, you only increase the health and safety risks that come with using them. You won't kill any more bugs.

A useful step that anyone can take to combat bed bugs is to install bed encasements. Covering the mattress and box spring can help eliminate a substantial portion of the bed bug population. Bugs that are spotted can be removed with a vacuum, or killed with over-the-counter insecticides labeled for such use.

Oct. 16, 2008 -- Total release foggers (TRF) -- more commonly known as "bug bombs" -- are designed to kill bugs and pests, but they can also harm humans. A new report published in the Morbidity

Foggers should not be used as the sole source of bed bug control. The pesticides used in total release foggers must contact the pest to kill it. If the material does not reach the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are hiding, they will not be killed. Fogger Safety Tips and Videos. If you are considering using a fogger: Read the label before purchasing it to be sure to buy a product registered for use against bed bugs.

The EPA warns that bug bombs are ineffective at killing bed bugs. Foggers are available in commercial and consumer formulas, but both types can cause health problems if improperly used. The design of foggers allows them to treat an area that has been cleared of people and pets, without anyone needing to be there to operate the device.

Bed bugs travel from one location to the next by attaching themselves to their host's clothing. If your home or office is infested and you often travel by car, these pests may find their way in your vehicle and quickly breed an infestation. The good news is there are a number of safe and effective treatments to get bed bugs out of your car.

Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L Cluster Fly Products
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