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They can develop into small clusters and can look like mosquito bites. Flea bites itch a lot and are mostly found on ankles and lower limbs as these areas are easy for the fleas to reach. The clusters developed by flea bites are random and shapeless. Bed Bugs Physical Appearance. As compared to fleas, bed bugs are oval shaped and flat.

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To simplify the difference without going into the anatomy of a flea and a bed bug; flea bites look like small dots clustered together whilst bed bugs are red, hard and a bit swollen like mosquito bite. Bed bugs can be found anywhere whilst flea bites prefer the legs and ankles.

Both fleas and bed bugs leave behind what some experts call "bug dirt" or feces. Flea bug dirt is reddish-black. When mixed with developing larvae, this dirt has a salt and pepper appearance. When water is poured on flea dirt, it will form a large red stain. Bed bug droppings are similar, but often appear more like black speckling. It is commonly found on surfaces where humans are most likely to sleep.

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Bed bug bites are inflamed red bumps which can appear lined up in a row. Secondly, fleas will feed on a host continually, although only once a night. Bed bugs, on the other hand, can bite a host several times a night until a blood vessel is found.

Allergic Reaction To Dust Mite Bites -
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