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Bed Bug Detection Dogs. Across the UK, bed bugs are posing huge problems. Cape SPC technicians are some of the most experienced bed bug detection dog trainers in the UK and are RSPH Qualified. Bed bugs omit a distinctive scent that our trained dogs will detect to identify bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs, bed bug nymphs, and bed bug eggs are some of the more difficult odors for a dog to detect. But our dogs are trained to detect even one single, white, viable bed bug egg camouflaged in the seam of a hotel bed mattress. We train our dogs to detect ONLY live bugs, nymphs and eggs. They are taught to completely ignore dead bugs.

ABC's 20/20 aired a segment exploring the effectiveness of canine scent detection teams for bed bugs. For the segment, a 20/20 team staged a New York City-area home which was certified to be free from bed bugs by two entomologists, Paul Bello, and Lou Sorkin. The "homeowner" (an actor) asked 11 pest control professionals with bedbug-sniffing dogs to inspect her home for bedbugs.

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Bed bug detection dogs are wonderful tools in early detection of bed bug infestations and can be used as a first line of defense when directed by a certified trainer. Remember, they are only a tool, and should not be the only source of detection.

If your dog is bitten by bed bugs, you may find tiny red bumps, likely on their belly and limbs. Bed bug bites typically occur in a straight line, in groups of two or three. Depending on the length of your dog's hair, these can be difficult to spot. If your dog scratches a lot, their skin can get irritated and a bed bug rash can appear.

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Specialist K9 Services - Home
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