Bed Bug Epidemic In Saskatoon

What should you do if your home is infested with bed bugs?

As a team Mikki and her handler Ken Linville have inspected locations for bed bugs in Saskatchewan for many organizations. Some of our clients include Saskatoon Health Region, Care Homes, SK Corrections and City of Saskatoon.We also offer our services to privately owned apartment buildings, private residences, property agencies and vehicles.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs: Massive Bed Bug Epidemic Hits United States If you have bedbugs in your home or are worried about a potential infestation, then take action today by investing in a new

A bed bug issue at a local senior housing building is under control several weeks after the first outbreak. The Valleyview Towers Two building, owned by the North Battleford Housing Authority (NBHA), was first introduced to a fairly difficult bed bug problem before Christmas.

Bed bugs are known to be prolific international travelers. They're not picky, and are just as likely to be found in rural villages in developing countries as they are to be noticed in luxury

Tenants are encouraged to notify the landlord immediately after confirmation of an infestation. Tenants may also contact the local public health inspector for assistance in dealing with bed bug infestations in rental accommodations. Bedbugs are very hard to eradicate, but there are some steps that can be taken to help address the problem.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Just the thought of a bed bug infestation is enough to make you start scratching and tossing out furniture.. A new app created by a researcher at Ohio State University has the answers and information on what to do next.

What should you do if your home is infested with bed bugs?

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