Bed Bug Fumigation Side Effects

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Chloropicrin, a warning agent, is a colorless liquid with a strong odor, causing tearing of the eyes and throat irritation when used at low concentrations. Chloropicrin helps ensure a structure is vacated of people and pets prior to fumigation with Vikane.

Another major downside of fumigation is that once the structure is aerated, there are no lingering effects—meaning the building is still susceptible to bed bugs unlike other methods of treatment that use pesticides with residual effects.

Bedbug fumigation occurs when an inorganic gas called sulfuryl fluoride is pumped into an enclosed, sealed space stuffed with your household items, causing bed bugs and their eggs to suffocate and die.

Among the side effects caused by bed bug insecticides are nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing and vomiting. Over exposure or improper ventilation increases the possibility of death resulting from the use of these chemical insecticides. Anyone with existing medical conditions is especially at risk for severe and even fatal reactions.

"Inhaling those fumes usually has instant side-effects like coughing, nausea, vomiting, secretion of more saliva than usual, sweating, red eyes, itchy skin, laboured breathing and a running

The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is a wingless, reddish-brown insect that requires blood meals from humans, other mammals, or birds to survive (1). Bed bugs are not considered to be disease vectors (2,3), but they can reduce quality of life by causing anxiety, discomfort, and sleeplessness (4).

outdoor patio ideas on a budget –

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