Bed Bug Infestation Eliminate

Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs

Bed bugs are a common problem in the United States and elsewhere. There are different ways of getting rid of them. Find out how to eliminate a bed bug infestation using natural methods or

Vacuuming helps with reducing bed bug infestations, but does not eliminate bed bugs hidden inside of materials. Also, unless the contents of the vacuum are emptied immediately after each use, bedbugs may crawl out through the vacuum's hoses and re-establish themselves.

Regardless of how severe the infestation or how complex the environment, there is one way that bed bug infestations can be eliminated with absolute certainty. Structural fumigations, while an extreme and costly method, will effectively eliminate bed bugs from an infested environment.

A bed bug infestation generally starts when adult bed bugs invade your home in search of food. The bugs may arrive in luggage or clothing that was contaminated in another home, hotel or public place. For an infestation to take hold, a pregnant female or at least two bugs (male plus female) must be introduced,

Use foggers (bug bombs) only with extreme care and only if bed bugs are listed on the label. Improper use can harm your health or cause a fire or explosion. Foggers should not be your only method of bed bug control. The spray will not reach the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide.

Once the mattress and box spring are dry, encase them in sealed bed bug encasements. Encasements are crucial, as they prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress and box spring, cutting off key hiding places. Remember to leave the encasements on for at least 18 months to ensure that any bed bugs already inside have starved to death.

Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs
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