Bed Bug Inspection Dogs

K9 Bed Bug Detection Toronto

Well trained canines are the most effective bed bug detection method available. Our canines are trained to locate the specific scent of only live bedbugs and viable eggs. Our timely service will give you answers faster, with more accurate results, and considerably less invasive than visual inspections.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: The Truth about Canine Inspection This golden retriever (named Jola) is sniffing for bed bugs under a mattress. Thinking of hiring a trained dog to detect bed bugs? If so, it's going to cost you about $350 regardless of whether the dog finds bugs or not.

Colorado Bed Bug Dog provides the most accurate and precise bed bug inspections available in Colorado. Because bed bugs can be very small, finding a small bed bug infestation can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Inspection K9s use the power of scent to detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

Bed bug dogs are used when an infestation is especially difficult to detect. When it is absolutely critical for you to stomp out an infestation and it may be spread through an area, bed bug sniffing dogs are the best solution.

Canine bed bug inspection Canine inspections can be used as part of a maintenance plan, to inspect units surrounding a known infestation or for light infestations where there is no visual evidence. All our dogs have been rigorously trained to "indicate" when they have smelled live bed bugs or eggs.

Due to a dog's keen sense of smell, a properly-trained canine can detect the presence of a bed bug infestation by the odor given off by live bed bugs and viable eggs in hiding places that might otherwise be missed on a visual inspection. A dog quickly locates bed bug trouble spots, ensuring treatments can efficiently target and eliminate bed bug infestations. A canine bed bug inspection can also be used in follow-up procedures after treatment to ensure that all bed bugs have been killed.

K9 Bed Bug Detection Toronto
K9 Bed Bug Detection Toronto
K9 Bed Bug Detection Toronto
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