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If you're reading this article, then it's likely you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) a run in with bed bugs. To help you out, we've curated 53 of the best images and pictures of bed bugs I could find that showcase what a bed bug looks like so hopefully you can identify what it is that's pestering you.

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live? Bed bugs can live about a year usually and can live for months in a dormant state without even feeding. A single bed bug may lay around 200 to 300 eggs during it's life cycle, eggs hatch in about 12 days and like vampire babies, the new eggs will need their first victims soon.

Bed Bug Life Cycle - Nymph. The second stage of the bed bug life cycle is a series of repeated steps - almost like a separate life cycle of bed bug nymphs. In essence, it is a cycle of "drink blood, grow, molt". After leaving the egg, a nymph is called a first instar nymph, and is about 1.5 mm long.

Egg Stage: The bed bug begins its life as an egg. As with many parts of the bed bugs life cycle, the length of the egg stage is dependent upon room temperature. At temperatures greater than 70˚ F, eggs can hatch in as little as six days. Over 90 percent of bed bug eggs will hatch by the nine-day mark, but this time significantly increases if the temperature falls below 50˚ F.

The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs Erin Doman on May 30, 2016 12 Comments If you have discovered bed bugs in your mattress and bedding, then you are probably interested in learning how to get rid of them as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible.

This is a video I created about the life cycle of a ladybug, specifically the seven spotted ladybug. It was created for a second grade classroom (Let me know if you use it teachers! I love to know

Everyday Wellness Page 2 Reader's Digest
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