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How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling? The Bug Master

Anyone had to deal with this before? Potential bedbugs in an Airbnb place??I recently stayed at an Airbnb place in NYC and ended up with bites which had all of the indications and symptoms of bed bugs-- 3 bites in a row, very itchy. This was quite disturbing as I went and stayed at other peoples' places after that.

Note that we are not affiliated with Airbnb - we are just passionate hosts! Bedbugs - prevention and cure! For a safer procedure you may also contact bed bug pest control Sacramento, as they know how to use the products safely and are also experts in using them.

If your Airbnb is in New York, you can send the laundry to Bed Bug Laundry service. They will not only do the laundry, but they will also hold it. Remember, you might not want all of the clothes back until the apartment is free of the bed bugs.

HeatRx is a specialty pest control company. We specialize in the treatment and extermination of bed bugs. We provide bed bug heat treatments. We also provide traditional bed bug extermination services. Exterminating bed bugs is our specialty. We service the entire Bay Area of California. Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose are the anchor cities

It also means that while Airbnb might have the advantage over hotels when it comes to price and charm, a midrange chain hotel is clearly a better choice if you care about quality control.

BONUS TIP: Don't place your bed against the wall, placing a bed against the wall makes it easier for bed bugs to travel to other areas of your home. Bed bug prevention begins with the understanding and knowledge of how to spot and eliminate breeding conditions. Despite their name, bed bugs can infest and breed in any part of your home.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling? The Bug Master
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