Bed Bug Prevention In Hotels

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In the last two decades bed bugs have become more common with the increase in international travel. Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to prevent from entering a hotel because they are mainly brought onto the premises by guests themselves — even the best hotels can suffer from an infestation.

Bed bug prevention is about ensuring the proverbial snowball (the introduction of a few bed bugs) doesn't become an avalanche (full-blown infestation) that crushes your monthly or quarterly

To prevent bed bugs, use protective plastic covers on your mattress and box springs so bed bugs will not be able to infect your bed even if you accidentally bring them home. When you're staying in a hotel, check the sheets, mattress, and headboard for small brownish bugs, and contact management if you find any.

Vigilance is the key to bed bug prevention. When out in public - whether at a hotel, store, movie theater or work place - it is important to be conscientious of all surroundings. As the public's awareness of the bed bug resurgence grows, focus on bed bug prevention has also grown.

If the problem is indeed bed bugs, the hotel must have a policy on the steps to take in dealing with the issue. This can include moving the guest to a different room as well as addressing any worries the guest may have regarding the handling of their suitcases and other personal items from the room.

You've heard the saying: "Don't let the bedbugs bite!" These days, with bedbug infestations rampant even in the nicer hotels, that's easier said than done. Bedbugs suck blood by night, leaving itchy, red welts behind on your skin and hiding in hard-to-see lairs by day. The flat, six-legged

Bed Bug: Detection and Prevention eeeewwww hotels and used clothes/furniture. cool rooms for
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