Bed Bug Proof Mattress And Box Spring Encasements

Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Proof Queen Box Spring Encasement Walgreens

Mattress Safe encasements have been show through rigorous scientific tests to be 100% escape-proof and bite-proof. Protect-A-Bed bed bug mattress covers are also good covers and we carry them in all sizes for your mattress, box spring, and pillows. Protecting the Bed Bug Mattress Cover

For an economical solution to Bed Bug problems, choose the Protect-A-Bed BugLock Mattress Encasement. The BugLock Encasement is designed to provide ultimate protection against allergens and Bed Bugs when combined with a box spring encasement and pillow encasements.

All our mattress encasements, bed bug covers, box spring covers and pillow covers are CERTIFIED BED BUG PROOF. Our bed bug mattress covers and encasements are used to protect and seal off the mattress and box springs preventing bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress.

The AllerZip Smooth Mattress or Box Spring Encasement keeps your sleeping area clean, allergy-free and bed bug-proof for a healthy night's rest Total coverage solution wraps your mattress with 6-sides of waterproof Miracle Membrane protection

Encasement of mattresses and box springs will greatly aid in the early detection of bed bugs and can prevent the infestation of beds in the event that bed bugs are somehow introduced. Once encased, bed bugs are unable to get inside of the encased mattresses and box springs.

In terms of convenience, the encasement fits the majority of mattress sizes with heights in the range of 12 to 18 inches. The bug flap and zipper lock guarantee that your mattress is perfectly pest proof for the entire duration.

Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Proof Queen Box Spring Encasement Walgreens
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