Bed Bug Rash Or Hives

Bed Bugs - Bed Bug Bites - How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

According to WebMD, the initial sign of the bites by bed bugs is the appearance of red, itchy rashes usually around your arms and the shoulders. The bed bugs will leave straight rows of the bites, contrary to other insects that bite at no particular areas.

A person who is bitten by bed bugs may develop symptoms such as bed bug rashes that can be extremely itchy however the rash itself is not detrimental to anyone's health. While the reddness and swells does not clear easily, the discomfort and itchiness can be easily treated with remedies that include medications as well as natural remedies.

If you develop a rash after being bitten by a bed bug, avoid scratching the affected area. If the rash persists or becomes infected, contact a medical professional immediately. One bed bug will usually take more than one bite. Once a bed bug inserts its mouthparts and finds a suitable blood vessel, it will begin feeding.

These reactions cause them to develop a rash, normally referred to bed bug rash. Symptoms that can also appear, but are rare are forming hives or blisters. These allergic reactions are caused by a chemical in the bed bug's saliva that numbs your skin so you cannot feel the bed bug biting you.

Doctors help those with Hives (Urticaria) who are concerned about Bed Bugs: Dr. Despain on bed bug bites vs hives: Itchy, punctated rash usually worse upon arising.

A bed bug bite will look like a raised bump, while skin rashes will look like someone smeared you with strawberry jelly. In addition to the physical appearance, rashes are also warm to the touch because they are a form of skin irritation.

Bed Bugs - Bed Bug Bites - How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
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