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Preparing for Treatment Against Bed Bugs Información relacionada disponible en español Whether you are hiring a pest management professional or trying to eliminate the bugs yourself, properly preparing your home is an essential first step.

Another way to get rid of these bugs is to freeze them. Although bed bugs can live for up to a year in a cool room, they cannot withstand freezing temperatures. Freezing infested items for at least two hours at -17°C should kill them off. Like cold, steam too can help get rid of bed bugs.

Cryonite® is CO2 (carbon dioxide) snow that is pressurized and when applied in thin layers kills bed bugs and other insects by a rapid freezing of the fluids in their cells causing instant death. When the CO2 snow hits surfaces at normal temperatures it evaporates and becomes CO2 gas.

This reduces the number of bed bugs. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide in laundry containers/hampers Remember to clean them when you do the laundry. 6. Do-it-yourself freezing may not be a reliable method for bed bug control. While freezing can kill bed bugs, temperatures must remain very low for a long time.

A Bed Bug Success Story. DETAILS: This is a story of with a mother with an ex-husband who has bed bugs and her son who brought them over. THE STORY: The son had come home one day from the ex-husband's house with bug bites around his midsection. At the time, the mother thought the bed bug bites were mosquito bites, perhaps fleas, but not bed bugs.

Do you provide bed bug extermination service? If so, how much does it cost? ANSWER: Getting rid of bed bugs can be very difficult. There is no magic wand which can control these blood-sucking pests. Control of bed bugs can take time and multiple follow-up treatments. The first part of any bed bug control program is a thorough inspection.

Bed Bug Treatment, Removal & Info Environmental Pest Control
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