Bed Bug Signs On Carpet

Bed Bug Symptoms: Pictures, When They Appear and Treatment

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A carpet beetle's diet consists of pollen and nectar, while bed bugs like to feast on blood. Sometimes, the beetle's will eat food from your pantry. Bed bugs will bite you, causing red, irritating, raised bumps on your skin, usually found in clusters. Carpet beetles rarely crawl on you, but if they do, they can also cause bumps.

The carpet beetle and bed bug not only leave similar looking bites but there are other similarities. Bed bugs and carpet beetles are both very small. However, the carpet beetle is the smallest of the two and averages 1/8th of an inch in length while the bed bug is about 1/4th of an inch long.

Symptoms of a dust mite allergy include having a runny nose, sneezing, getting a stuffy or itchy nose and coughing. If you have a severe reaction to dust mites and happen to suffer from asthma, you might experience wheezing and chest tightness because of mites. Image credit: Patrick Randall What Causes Carpet Beetles?

When a bug takes shelter inside a carpet, it causes an infestation. Some female bugs, such as bed bugs, lay up to five eggs daily; others, such as fleas, can lay 2,000 eggs weekly. Bugs living in carpets cause skin irritations, such as itching and breakouts. A thorough cleaning of the carpet can leave you with a bug-free home.

Smears of blood on sheets are one of the early warning signs that bed bugs might be sharing your bed. Stains like the ones in the picture below happen when recently fed bugs get squashed in the bed by a person moving unexpectedly. But, many other things could cause stains like this.

Bed Bug Symptoms: Pictures, When They Appear and Treatment
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