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A well-trained bed bug detection dog should be able to identify very small numbers of live bed bugs, sometimes as few as one. Additionally, the dogs should be able to discriminate live bugs and viable eggs from evidence left over from an old infestation (fecal spotting, caste skins, empty egg shells, carcasses).

K9 Bed Bug Hunter is ready, willing, and waiting with specially-trained dogs for inspecting your home or business for bed bugs. Our dogs are carefully and consistently trained -- no such thing as a vacation from work for even the veteran's noses, in order to keep their senses keen and on the hunt.

If you are looking for a specialized Michigan professional for your bed bug sniffing dogs project, then you are in luck! To help ensure your bed bug sniffing dogs job is a smooth, and hassle-free process, we will pair you with local Michigan professionals who are qualified and experienced with bed bug sniffing dogs and similar services.

Special bug-sniffing dogs are sometimes used to find bed bug hideouts. A combination of treatments, including steam heat, freezing, pesticides, and high-power vacuuming may be used to eliminate bed bugs. Treatments must directly contact bed bugs in order to be effective; bombs and foggers don't work.

A number of reasons for the alerts were possible, including anything from a general mistake to the fact that the dogs were rewarded with treats, so may simply have wanted the treat. (See Pavlov's Dog.) In fact, studies have found that 15 percent of the time, bedbug-sniffing dogs will smell the bugs where there were none.

Welcome to Bed Bug Registry Database :: US and Canada Bed Bug Treatment, Information, Images
Mich. state workers dealing with bedbugs — at the office

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