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New Black Stains on Bedsheet HELP! [a: not bed bug fecal] « Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums

If you find bed bug stains on wooden parts of your bed, simply wipe it away with a rag dampened with cool water and a mild detergent, like dish soap. Keep heat away from the stain until you've done everything possible to lift the stain from the fabric.

Bed Bug Faecal Stains If the stains you are seeing on your bed aren't rust-colored, but more like dark brown or black in appearance, it could still be bed bugs. You may be seeing their droppings, which is a good sign you may have a bed bug problem. Marks caused by bed bug excrement won't rub off of your mattress or sheets.

Bed bug excrement is a rusty red, brown, or black color. It tends to bleed into bed sheets, almost like a felt-tip pen or marker would. Excrement stains are quite small and look dot-shaped or splotchy. Over time, these stains can diffuse to cover a larger area and fade to a lighter brown.

In this video I go over how to remove blood stains from bedsheets. Bloodstain sometimes happened and I hope to help you find a solution to remove the blood stains from your sheets. Let me know if

It's rare to actually see blood stains and fecal on sheets..unless you have a situation like Buggy in So Cal where she didn't use half of the bed and that's where they lived (on top of the sheets, near the pillowI think she actually found them in her spare sheets which were under the pillows)I probably don't remember correctly.

Strip your bed of all sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding, and seal them in plastic garbage bags to keep bed bugs from escaping and infesting other parts of your home.

New Black Stains on Bedsheet HELP! [a: not bed bug fecal] « Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums
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