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Easiest Bed Bug Trap

The use of bug traps is a quick and cost-effective technique that takes only minutes to set up and will hold the insect in place rather than allowing it to retreat back to its hiding place to die. What Attracts These Pests. These bugs are attracted primarily to warmth and carbon dioxide, such as what our lungs emit when we exhale.

It take 150 traps to produce the CO2 equivalent of the breathing of a human.

The traps contain a mixture that will produce enough carbon dioxide to be sensed by the bugs all over the room, and it will draw them to the trap, which is designed much like the bedpost traps discussed earlier.

Bed Bug Trap In the last decade, we've seen a resurgence of bed bugs in the United States. Bed bugs aren't just an "American" problem — people all over the world are dealing with more bed bug problems. Before treatments are done, it's important to make sure bed bugs are present. Inspections require removing bed

The glueboards did catch a few bugs more than random but again the results were underwhelming. The vast majority of bugs caught in the suite were in the interceptors under the chair in the living room. I expected the bed /Co2 trap to catch more because the infestation was originally confined to the bedroom but I was wrong.

Can Bed Bug Traps Clear An Infestation? By Brooke Borel. January 9, 2015. Latest. Health. Is red meat really that bad? Here's what you should know about the latest controversy. Gadgets.

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