Bed Bug Traps


Slippery traps rely on the ultra-smooth surface(s) of modern plastics to capture bed bugs. The outside of the trap is a normal, slightly rough surface the bed bugs can climb up and down with ease.

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Bed Bug Traps Do Bed Bug Traps Work? As bed bugs remain one of the most feared household pests, more and more bed bug traps and deterrents are hitting the market. For homeowners suddenly stricken with an infestation, these products offer hope of a fast, easy, and cheap solution.

Bed bug traps are also helpful to determine if a bed bug infestation has been eliminated. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a bed bug exterminator such as a member of the Home Advisor Network (1.877.233.1145). Members of the network are pre-screened and must be licensed and insured.

Place the bed bug trap next to the bed. Note: if the spout directs the CO2 away from your trap, you can hang a piece of paper over the spout to redirect the flow downward and into the trap (without blocking the spout). In the morning you'll see any bed bugs that were in the area. You should set the trap multiple times over a two week period.

The trap becomes even more effective when it is baited with a cocktail consisting of nonanal and 1-octen-3-ol (two substances found in human body odor), spearmint oil, and coriander Egyptian oil

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