Bed Bug Vs Carpet Beetle Bites

How To Tell The Difference Between Bed Bugs Versus Carpet Beetles - Pest Wiki

Bed bug larvae look like little worms, while carpet beetle larvae look like fuzzy bugs with little spines all over them. The main difference is the color. Varied carpet beetles do have brown on their backs, but they look more spotted or striped with white and light colored patches mixed with brown.

The carpet beetle is much larger than the bed bug, which is often hard to see with the naked eye. These beetles typically don't bite humans either and do not live on a diet of blood. Bed bugs are also brown in color, whereas the carpet beetle is brown and white.

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In this post, we'll talk about carpet mites, what causes carpet beetles, where carpet beetles come from and how to avoid a carpet beetle infestation. Carpet Mites Although you may see the terms carpet mites and carpet beetles used interchangeably, these two pests are actually quite different.

Bed bugs hatch from eggs, have no larvae stage and go through a complete metamorphosis. Although unpleasant, there are no known diseases transmitted through their bites. Carpet beetles belong to the Dermestid family of beetles and have a mouth made for chewing on plants and other fibrous materials.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Bed Bugs Versus Carpet Beetles - Pest Wiki
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