Bed Bugs After Moving Into Apartment

Pregnant couple battling bed bugs after moving into

A few days after moving into my new rented apartment, I discovered I had company. Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about bed bugs; now I know more than I ever wanted to. This is my bed bug story. I sincerely hope it never becomes yours, but if you read on, at least you'll be prepared for the worst. When I moved in, the apartment was clean.

Imagine showing up in a moving truck at your new "move-in ready" apartment only to find that it is anything but. Instead, what you find is an apartment infested with bugs, filled with mildew and with old food stuck in places where it shouldn't be.

If the bed bugs were present before your tenant moved in, you need to pay for an exterminator. If you do nothing about the bed bug infestation, your tenant can take actions against you, such as paying for an exterminator and deducting that amount from the rent or even breaking the lease or suing you for not providing a livable dwelling under the implied warranty of habitability doctrine.

A warning before you read further: this post will make your skin itch. A good friend of mine aptly pointed out that bed bugs are like the adult version of head lice. I never had head lice as a child, and I never imagined that I would have bedbugs as an adult, until it happened to me. I had heard about the great bedbug epidemic in New York back in 2010, but my personal nightmare with bedbugs

I moved into an apartment with bed bugs what are my rights? And what are the managements obligations? I moved in to the apartment and about 1.5 weeks into it in noticed horrible bites all over my body that started to develop into welts. I found that they were bed bugs that were causing them.

The last bit we'll talk about in our bed bug spreading tutorial, is how bed bugs spread around apartment buildings. Similar to homes, bed bugs will move around the walls, hallways, and doorways to get around. Because apartments tend to be directly adjacent to one another it increase the risk of bed bugs tremendously. Let's put it this way

Pregnant couple battling bed bugs after moving into
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