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If there have been bed bug sightings in your workplace or if you think you might have bed bugs in your home, call Colonial Pest. Bed bugs are one pest that you can't control on your own, professional expertise is required if you truly want to eliminate these bugs from your life. For more, see: A Bed Bug in an Office Does Not Mean an Infestation

Collaborative Strategy on Bed Bugs External (Federal Bed Bug Workgroup) - strategy highlighting ways that all levels of government, community, academia, and private industry can work together within a community to reduce bed bugs across the United States (CDC and other members of the workgroup) Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

If bedbugs have been detected at work, or if someone reports a home infestation, the office should be inspected, preferably in the off hours to avoid alarming employees, he added.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere that humans live or visit. Bed bugs can be unknowingly brought into the workplace by employees, custodial staff, visitors, customers, vendors, clients, and others. Workers potentially at higher risk are those who handle bedding, clothing, or furniture where bed bugs could be hiding.

Anyone who comes into contact with bed bugs can unknowingly carry them into their home or workplace. Infestations are not tied to unsanitary living conditions; even world-class hotels have reported bed bug problems. Althought they are not directly associated with disease transmission, bed bugs can cause a variety of physical and mental health

OSHA regulations require that all employers provide their employees with a safe working environment. In your case, since you promptly responded to the employee's complaint by having the apartments cleaned, sanitized, and treated for bed bugs you shouldn't be found liable for any OSHA violation for the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Preparation - Emergi-Clean
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