Bed Bugs Dont Like Alcohol

A Short Guide to Bed Bugs

Home remedies can give you some hope if you're facing an infestation — but it's not helpful if they don't work. Unfortunately, rubbing alcohol falls solidly into this category. In Rutgers University researcher Changlu Wang's bedbug experiments, his team found that spraying bed bugs directly with rubbing alcohol only killed around 50% of the

Here's a simple home made extract you can use to completely eliminate bedbugs (guaranteed). First, move everything valuable, your clothes, furniture etc. out of the home. Each item spray down every surface with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to get it

Can you get rid of bed bugs with alcohol? Are there ways to keep bed bugs away naturally? Talk to any pest control agent and he will probably have hilarious stories to tell you about how his clients have tried literally everything possible to get rid of bed bus or at least to keep them from biting.

There is some evidence to suggest that certain alcohols, depending on the ethanol content, can kill some bed bugs on contact. (A recent lab test found that rubbing alcohol killed about half of the bed bugs that were sprayed directly.) However, we do not recommend using rubbing alcohol to combat your home's bed bug infestation. It is a health hazard: it causes respiratory problems if inhaled, and it is poisonous if swallowed.

Don't Pour Alcohol on Your Bed Bugs—Try These Tips Instead. Rubbing alcohol, in fact, only killed half of the insects sprayed by the Rutgers University researchers in that study. Researchers have found that other recommended home remedies, like moth balls, foggers, or ultrasonic bug repellers, are even less effective.

However, it is believed that an alcohol percentage of 90% or above will effectively kill bed bugs. But this concentration of alcohol can have a negative impact on your health, while also causing a major fire hazard, and is NOT advised.

A Short Guide to Bed Bugs
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