Bed Bugs Dont Like Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil for bed bugs - YouTube

Bed bugs breed quickly and killing them all at one time can be very difficult. Unlike traps, tea tree oil doesn't do much work after it has been sprayed. Most tea tree oil solutions will dissipate and stop killing bedbugs almost immediately.

Bed bugs don't like tea tree oil, but in order to kill them, you'd have to use tea tree oil in its undiluted form. You can't do that, however, without taking the chance of harming yourself too. That's because undiluted tea tree oil is toxic if you ingest it, even to humans.

Spray your home with this EFFECTIVE essential oil blend to kill bed bugs and sleep better at night. Essential Oils To Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Tea Tree Oil: But the essential oil is acidic and, like lemongrass, is something bugs just can't stand.

Tea tree oil, cedar oil, and orange oil are harmful to bed bugs on contact. Bed bugs don't discriminate as they like both messy and clean houses. But eliminating clutter under and around beds helps cut down on their hiding places. Be sure to treat these items (using one of the above

Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is another type of essential oil that may discourage bed bugs from getting too close. Bugs, in general, like to stay away from tea tree oil because a high concentration of it can dissolve their exoskeleton.

3. Tea Tree Oil to the Rescue. A lot of essential oils have been known to repel these pests, but one seems to work better than the rest: tea tree oil. This oil is strong, and while its pungent smell may turn away bugs, it's not filled with harsh chemicals that you wouldn't want around your pets or children.

tea tree oil for bed bugs - YouTube
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