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How to Kill bed bugs by applying Diatomaceous Earth « Housekeeping :: WonderHowTo

Diatomaceous earth may take several weeks to kill all the bed bugs because it does not affect eggs, and the bugs must come in direct contact with the product. When used in addition to other bed bug products , DE can be quite effective.

The truth is that the kind of dust that kills bed bugs is food grade diatomaceous earth, and most brands use this as their active ingredient. The problem is that you end up getting less and spending more. DE stays active indefinitely unless it becomes contaminated. Diatomaceous earth is a mineral, thus it does not have an expiration date.

This works by dissolving the skeleton and the bug. The nice thing about this method is that there is no mess to clean up. The bad thing is that it can take a day or two to kill the bug. When applying diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs, it is important to remember that bed bugs have eyes.

Removing bed bug eggs can sometimes be a greater challenge than destroying the live bed bugs. However, killing the eggs is more important because you want to make sure you stop the spread. Killing the eggs can be trickier because the egg acts as a protective layer.

Diatomaceous Earth is a powder that's effective for a number of different pests, including bed bugs, and it's chemical free, made from the fossil remains of tiny aquatic organisms. It kills bed bugs by dehydrating them as it contains properties that absorb the fat and oils from the insects.

They used only Diatomaceous Earth to treat bed bugs for months and obtained amazing results.It was a useful and perfect solution for all the troubles related to bed bugs. The researchers found it typically took up to 17 days to kill bed bugs when using only Diatomaceous Earth.

How to Kill bed bugs by applying Diatomaceous Earth « Housekeeping :: WonderHowTo
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