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All About Bedbugs!

After mating takes place, bed bugs will lay up to 200 eggs. The nymphs that hatch out are miniature versions of the adult. There is no larval stage. The nymphs will moult several times over a period of 6-18 months before becoming an adult. It is not true that bed bugs are a sign of a 'dirty' home.

What do bed bug eggs look like? Bed bugs are ectoparasites that feed on the blood from a host animal. Unfortunately, these disturbing pests' animal of choice is a human. In order to produce bed bug eggs, the female must first have a blood meal. After this blood meal, a female bed bug is capable of laying large numbers of eggs.

Simple identification guide to common invertebrates of New Zealand. Downloadable content & links. Illustrations (PDF File, 1.4 MB) Drawings used to illustrate "What is this bug?"

Blood thirsty and nocturnal, bed bugs can be silently laying batches of 10-50 eggs while you sleep. Bed bugs can spread quickly and should not be treated by do-it-yourself methods as they are extremely difficult to completely eliminate without professional help.

Do not stop the treatment once the bed bugs are gone. Keep it up for another month or two. This is because there may still be some bed bug eggs laying about. They often hatch even after the adult bed bugs are all gone. Use pitfalls sprinkled with baby powder under the 4 legs of the bed.

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All About Bedbugs!
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