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Flea and bed bugs treatments. Disinfection helps to reduce the risk of illnesses associated with infestations and with the pest treatments. The majority of pests carry bacteria and viruses which pose serious health risks to people and pets.

Film trailer for The Flea Market movie. The underground and dangerous world of bug smugglers, peddlers, and thiefs.

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Fortunately, it is easier to get rid of fleas since they cause more problems for humans, and more difficult to eliminate the bed bugs. Both bed bugs and fleas can bite, and the bed bug bites do not hurt but may cause a rash and itching to occur. The bite of a flea can be felt but there is less pain and can lead to swelling at the spot of the bite.

Beware of packaged foods — canned, bagged, or boxed — at flea market booths and yard sales. At yard sales, you may be buying food exposed to bugs or excessive heat; perhaps it was forgotten in a car trunk or salvaged after a fire. At flea markets, the food may be expired or even scavenged from a dumpster.

Flea bites vs. bed bug bites - knowing the difference can help you know what has infested your house. Most insect bites can be itchy and produce mostly similar symptoms. Yet, if you know how to tell the difference between flea bites and bed bug bites, you can get rid of them faster. Here are pictures and a comparison of bed bug bites vs. flea

Flea Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Shutterstock
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Flea Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Shutterstock
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