Bed Bugs Heat Room

Understanding Bed Bug Treatments Let's Beat the Bed Bug!

If bed bugs are present after heat treatment it means one of three things: someone is bringing them back in, your neighbors (apts) have them and they are coming back from walls/baseboards, or the treatment was not done correctly.

Heat treatments are a fast and effective method of eradicating bed bugs. They can be completed in one day and create very little mess and disruption. A successful heat treatment, however, requires the careful use of heaters, air flow systems, and heat monitoring equipment to evenly heat a structure to 120 - 140 degrees.

Kill bed bugs yourself with our easy to use heat systems. Daily bed bug heater system rentals are provided through our national network of bedbug heat equipment providers! Call 1-800-693-0757 today!

A bed bug heater is an insulated bag that heats up to an optimal temperature to kill bed bugs. Most of these look like a large insulated lunch box. You put whatever possessions you believe have bed bugs, and the box heats up to the desired temperature to kill the bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs.

Get rid of 100% of bed bugs in clothes, luggage, electronics and much more. Learn more about ZappBug's portable bed bug heaters for killing bed bugs.

By allowing the room to reach these temperatures, you ensure that you never miss a spot — bed bugs all throughout the space are slowed, paralyzed, and ultimately killed by the extreme, penetrating heat.

Understanding Bed Bug Treatments Let's Beat the Bed Bug!
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