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Top 7 Most Mind-Blowing Creatures of the Deep

The top 40 movies with bugs and insects as the creepy villains. 40 Best Bug Movies and Killer Insect Films Top2040 A collection of the best of pop culture: lists about movies, books, songs, and TV.

The 1997 sci-fi horror film from Paul W.S. Anderson (no, not that one) leans heavy on the "horror" side of the spectacle. further reading - Event Horizon: From Doomed Ship to Cult Gem

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They're fast, vicious and freakishly huge. In fact, they see us puny humans as bugs that they want to squish or wrap up in their evil webs so that their horrid bug children can feast on our entrails. Here is my list of the top ten giant bug movies featuring an assortment of enormous insects.

Took me 3 times watching this film to fully appreciate it. Lucky McKee is a peculiar movie maker. I respect that but I always have to re-watch his movies before I get the feel down to catch on to what he's doing. "Sick Girl" is a brave move on his part. Human/bug hybrid movies are rarely successful compared to other Horror sub-genres.

The last gasp of gimmick-horror auteur William Castle (who produced and co-wrote), Bug is an entertaining throwback to the mutant-monsters-amok theme of the 1950s (themselves throwbacks of another

Top 7 Most Mind-Blowing Creatures of the Deep
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