Bed Bugs How They Spread

Inbreeding allows bed bugs to spread, studies find The Star

The Minnesota bed bug control experts at Plunkett's would like to share some advice on what to do if your neighbors have become infested with bed bugs. A Strong Correlation With Travel Traveling remains the number one way to spread bed bug infestations to hotels, homes and apartments across the country.

Bed bugs can spread from one room or apartment to another through door frames, windows, or holes or cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors. They can contaminate wood furniture by laying eggs in cracks and recesses, and when that furniture is moved, these eggs (which can stay viable for years) may hatch in a new location.

Bed bugs are amazing at hiding. They can fit their flat bodies in just about any crack or crevice. This makes it very easy for them to get around your house. By their very nature, bed bugs don't want to spread around, they actually like to stay together for warmth. What they'll do is stay together near their food source (i.e., you).

How do bed bugs spread from house to house? Bed bugs are transmissible from one house to another. Well, this depends on how the houses are built and spaced from each other. Consider apartments in a block; such as observed in motels and lodgings or hostels in a university.

How do bed bugs spread? Read travel, transfer, and migration information about these pests to learn how they travel from host to host. For professional help with bed bugs, call on the experts at Orkin for service today.

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Inbreeding allows bed bugs to spread, studies find The Star
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