Bed Bugs In Cats

Kills Bed Bugs Spray II Nixalite

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Bed bug bites on dogs and cats has been known to cause patchy hair loss, rashes, hives, blisters and even irritability or anxiety in the pets. Other than these signs, pet owners must also look for discarded exoskeletons of the bugs and their fecal stains.

Bed bugs are killed by heat temperatures above 120 degrees, so wash pet beds and soft toys on the hottest wash settings, and dry at high heat for at least 20 minutes. Cat trees or toys unable to be machine washed can be sprayed with isopropyl alcohol, which will kill both adult bugs and eggs upon contact.

Complete Guide to Treating Cats Suffering With Bugs and Pests Cats love their freedom, but with that freedom comes exposure to other cats, feral and domestic as well as the wide range of pests and bugs out in the wild where they might even bring some dangerous spiders back to your home .

Bug bites and stings are common occurrences faced by all pet owners. Just as numerous are the types of bugs that go after our beloved dogs and cats. That's why recognizing, treating, and preventing bug bites is an essential component of responsible pet ownership.

Prevent, identify, and treat bed bug infestations using EPA's step-by-step guides, based on IPM principles. Find pesticides approved for bed bug control, check out the information clearinghouse, and dispel bed bug myths.

Kills Bed Bugs Spray II Nixalite
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