Bed Bugs In Library Books Vancouver

Bedbugs found in Vancouver library book - British Columbia - CBC News

A bedbug alert has been raised at another Lower Mainland library after a patron of the Mount Pleasant branch discovered the first live bedbugs in the Vancouver library system.

Live bedbugs found in Vancouver library books July 13, 2015 admin This article was originally posted at The Globe and Mail According to Denise Louzecky at BC Bug, a Vancouver-owned pest control company, books are not ideal places for bugs to live and survive, but they will occasionally nest in them.

Our interest was recently piqued by a New York Times article that talked about the problem of bed bugs in libraries across the country, and specifically mentioned the University of Washington Libraries, which are in Seattle.. Seattle is the home town of ZappBug, and the UW is the alma mater of two of our co-founders.

At the Vancouver Public Library, at least 41 bugs were discovered across 12 of the library's 22 locations this year, spokesman Stephen Barrington said. The reporting is the result of new protocols

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RFID tags on library books are on the inside back cover of the book unless it is . a) a board book where its on the back of the book . or . b) a travel book or something that has important info on the back cover, in which case it would be on the nearest blank page to the back.

Bedbugs found in Vancouver library book - British Columbia - CBC News
Live bedbugs found in Vancouver library books - The Globe and Mail
Canada's Top Bedbug Cities Are Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver HuffPost Canada
bed bugs in vancouver
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