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Running a dryer cycle on high heat for 30 minutes will kill bed bugs. Once you have washed and/or dried your items, make sure to keep them separate and away from contaminated areas until the infestation has been taken care of.

Clean All Items Within a Bed-Bug-Infested Living Area. Heat treat clothing, bedding, and other items that can withstand a hot dryer (household dryer at high heat for 30 minutes), which will kill bed bugs and eggs. Washing alone might not do the job. Store clean items in a sealed plastic bag to ensure they remain bug free

Washing clothes and bedding is a simple and cheap method of killing all bed bugs. It is a very important part of both do-it-yourself bed bug control, and when you have professional pest control company apply insecticides. Washing will kill some of the bed bugs, but it is the heat of drying that will kill any remaining bed bugs.

A hair dryer might seem like a safer way to kill bed bugs with heat. Unfortunately, their maximum temperature is rarely more than 150 degrees. That heat level can kill bed bugs, but only if you maintain the heat over them for several minutes.

Yes and no. From a technical standpoint yes you can kill a bed bug with a hair dryer. The problem with this tactic is that bedbugs tend to permeate every crack and crevice (and I mean EVERY) in the infested area. You likely have many hundreds of b

The truth is that while washing your clothes or linens will kill most of the bed bugs, the heat of drying your items is what will ultimately exterminate any and all remaining bugs. As we mentioned above, bed bugs do not tolerate heat.

The Best Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs - wikiHow
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