Bed Bugs Near Wall

Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs

Another reason for infestations becoming dispersed is if the bugs can't get access to the bed or if there are no available harbourages in or around the bed. In ideal situations (for the bugs) they will be able to squeeze into harbourages as close to the host (you) as possible.

Recently, several facilities have been training dogs to sniff out live bed bugs in residential communities, hotel rooms, and other types of buildings. If the dog alerts to a scent behind a wall, it is sometimes necessary for the exterminator to break through the plaster or floor boards for

Cover the bed legs in double-sided tape, or place them in trays of water. Of course, if your bedspread touches the floor, the bedbugs will still be able to climb up, and the insects have also been known to crawl up the wall to the ceiling and then drop onto the bed.

Bed bugs prefer dark, warm places, such as the nooks and crannies of mattresses, under the edge of wall-to-wall carpeting or cracks in drywall. How to locate bed bugs? Start by grabbing a flashlight and searching your bedroom; this means taking the sheets off your mattress, turning it on end, turning out all drawers and dressers and thoroughly checking the edges of your carpet for any bugs.

The reality is (nearly all the time) bed bugs hide in and very near the location where they feed. That means places that you rest for long periods of time - namely your bed - and wherever you "lounge" when you're not sleeping. (Sofa, computer desk, gaming chair - whatever your seat of choice might be).

Bugs often live in voids behind your walls and come out at night to forage for food and water. The insects are not only annoying, they also cause unsanitary conditions and some even damage your home. Killing the bugs in the walls is difficult because insecticide sprays cannot reach inside the space.

Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs
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