Bed Bugs Or Bed Mites

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Rule out mosquitoes, fleas, mites, and biting gnats by conducting a visual inspection. It's best to collect and identify bedbugs to confirm bites. Look for the bugs themselves or their bloodstains,

If you are concerned about bed bugs or mites carrying disease, you should know that bed bugs are not known to transmit any disease to humans. Only a few species of mites rarely have. Both can, however, cause skin irritations or allergic reactions due to their bite.

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Bed bug bites last longer than mosquito bites and don't quite look the same. Don't be confused that bedbugs are dust mites. They are not. Dust mites do not bite; they eat dead skin and cause asthma and allergy symptoms. Both bugs belong to the phylum Arthropoda and both take up residency in human homes. This is where the resemblance ends.

Many people believe that the dust mite bite can be mistaken for a bed bug, but this is a common misconception. Dust Mites do not bite humans, instead, they can harm humans from becoming airborne (as well as their feces) and triggering asthma attacks or make breathing difficult.

Bed bugs infestation or even dust mites are indeed an awful thing. Getting rid of these sleep stealers is something every home owner should do to avoid getting bites while asleep. Finding ways to eliminate these is one important thing to do. Using bed bugs remedies helps so much. A bed bug cover is a great tool in avoid bed bugs frustrations.

Bayer Advantage Carpet and Upholstery Spot Spray PetFlow
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