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Honestly, a place with no bed bugs and a clean bathroom are pretty much my requirements. However, I was so happy with this hostel. We were so lucky to be booked into a 6th floor room with a balcony and spectacular view of Paris. The rooms are small, but this is Europe so that is expected.

Paris is chock full of iconic sights: The Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame. The Louvre. Musée d'Orsay. And now, bed bugs? Over the last few years, The City of Light has become permanent home to what newspaper Le Parisien describes as an "explosive phenomenon" of bed bugs infesting the homes and mattresses of local residents. The city's explanation for why it's happening?

Ordinary spray insecticide will not rid your place of Bed Bugs. You should seed professional assistance for the eradication of your infestation. If you rent a flat, inform the landlord. Bed Bugs often hide under the mattress, behind pictures, and between the baseboards and the wall. Consult BugGuide for more information on Bed Bugs. Since Bed Bugs feed on blood, they are most troublesome.

Bed bugs are taking over Paris - and some in France just itching to blame American tourists. You may have seen the signs of the recent bed bug take over of Paris without even realizing it.

Re: bed bugs in Paris France Hotels 8 years ago The thing about bed bugs is that they are brought in on luggage, guests etc So knowing where there were bugs last week won't neccessarily help you next week.

And even if French people don't wear it that often, it remains a strong symbol and a great gift to bring home from the French capital city. You can find some cheap ones "Made in China" in pretty much every gift shop in Paris; however, getting one manufactured in France will make it more appealing.

The Bed Bugs - Picture of Ambassadeur Hotel, Paris - TripAdvisor
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