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Bed Bugs Biting in Tennessee Motel

A bed bug infestation is creepy enough by itself, and you may be wondering if the bugs are being spread by your cat. You may be asking yourself, "Can cats carry bed bugs?" The simple answer is no, but they can feed on your pet — and you. Bed bugs are small insects that feed solely on blood

Bed bugs can travel with the host and his belongings; sitting in a bus seat or riding in a car can potentially pass bed bugs on to someone else. There are things you can do, however, to prevent bringing bed bugs to other people's homes.

Bedbugs very often find their initial entry into your home with human visitors who inadvertently bring these piggybackers into your house. There is a reason to be a little wary whenever you have visitors to your home, and even more so when you are hosting overnight guests who have been traveling recently and staying in hotels or apartments in warm-climate areas where bedbugs are known to thrive.

Bed bugs can easily spread from house to house and travel from apartment to apartment. If you have any surrounding apartment infested by bed bugs there is a good chance that your apartment is next. If you have left your infested residence, the bed bugs can easily transfer any nearby apartment within the building, squeezing through an opening that they can spread.

Perseverance and determination is the key to get rid of bed bugs permanently. Bed bugs are pesky creatures that lay hundreds of eggs and disturb your much needed sleep. Therefore, simply treating your premises with a suitable bed bug removal treatment once or twice is not enough - you need to repeat the procedure at […]

It is very unlikely, though not impossible, that a bed bug infestation will develop in an office, classroom, or other non-residential environment, such as a department store. However, these sites can serve as transfer hubs for bed bugs to hitchhike a ride into your home. Management, staff, students

Bed Bugs Biting in Tennessee Motel
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