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Remove vacuum bag immediately and discard in a sealed, airtight bag. Keep any vacuum utilized in bed bug removal isolated and wash all attachment in hot water. Before vacuuming place a knee high stocking over attachment handle to capture bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs. Repair cracks in plaster and loose wallpaper.

Items that cannot be treated should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and left there for up to a year to ensure any active bugs are dead. Empty the vacuum after each use. Seal the bag as tightly as possible and immediately throw it out in an outdoor trash container. Discard furniture responsibly if you can't safely eliminate the bed bugs.

Protect your clothes, pillows and bedding from dirt, bugs, mildew and odors with the Space Bag Jumbo Vacuum-Seal Storage Bag. This storage bag features nylon-film construction for airtight and watertight protection of your belongings. Pack away big, bulky items like bedding and patio cushions by vacuuming out the excess air.

If you are using ZappBug, place the entire bag in ZappBug, before removing any items from it. This way if any bed bugs fall off your items as you are lifting them out of the bag, they will fall into ZappBug and be killed when you start the heat treatment.

Vacuum seal your prepping food dry goods to keep them air tight and as fresh as possible. I always seal the bag twice on both ends of the bag just to make sure that if one seal leaks if has a

It's simple to use, just toss your clothes in the bag, grab your vacuum (not included) and insert it into the round opening to remove the air from the bag. Made from heavy duty transparent plastic Just pack it, seal it, vacuum it, & store it Ideal for under the bed storage or cramped closets

AIR BED INFOMERCIAL Air Bed Infomercial. Raised King Size Air Mattress
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